A Short History of Nuthin’ | 2023 Tour

Lucien and Jimmy the Janitor are back on the road together ready to make you laugh til you can’t take it anymore.  The North Shore meets Cape Breton in a new installment of A Short History of Nuthin’!

The Maritimes’ ilyvourite comedy duo have spent the past three years apart while perfecting the art of doing very little. They’ve missed each other and the laughing crowds that have followed them through the hilarity of past shows including Full of Beans, Fort Mac Attack, and Fifty Plus Shades of Comedy.

Come celebrate the very best comedy in an ultimate reality show of Eastern Canadian Idle, as Jimmy & Lucien boost the Canadian economy by taking the art of doin’ nuthin’ to a whole new level! 

*If you have trouble with the on-line box office call us to book direct at 506-855-8525.

**To book Lucien or Jimmy the Janitor for a corporate event contact us at info@hubcappromotions.ca or 506-855-8525