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Steve Maillet


For over two decades, Steve Maillet has been entertaining crowds at bars, clubs, restaurants, weddings and corporate events both locally and abroad. If you ask Steve what he loves most about playing music his reply is, “The energy that is shared between myself and the people in front of me. The vibe I put out is what I receive back, and that is what it’s all about. Often the crowd is who sets the mood first and you know it’s gonna be a great time”.

Steve loves building relationships through music and has developed a loyal following along the way.

To Steve, being part of fundraisers, benefits, charities is a must for the Moncton musician; “It’s a way I can give back, it’s something I feel I have a obligation to do, and I feel some darn good about helping out as much as I can”.

You can find Steve in many local venues banging on his guitar while singing out your favoriteĀ songs. He can also make his beautiful beard dance while doing so. Steve’s only request is asking you all to say Hello if you see him, as he loves to chat and meet new people. He is in high demand, but he successfully juggles a busy schedule with his family and his music.