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Patrick Ledwell


Patrick Ledwell is a popular writer, presenter and performer with an acclaimed style of customized, creative comedy. Based in Prince Edward Island, Patrick holds a Masters Degrees in English Literature and Information Design. He is a certified Adult Educator and is also the creative lead of his own design company, Sustain Creative. He collaborates with a range of clients, within different organizations, and draws from these experience to cultivate a broad view on positive workplace practices. He has been featured as a speaker and host to more than three hundred professional and conference groups.

As a Stand-up Comedian Patrick’s quick-witted comedy has also brought him national recognition with multiple appearances on CBC Radio with The Debaters, various morning and afternoon CBC Radio shows, Laugh Out Loud and Madly Off in All Directions He has also performed at the Halifax Comedy Festival, the Moncton Hubcap Comedy Festival, and he’s been a featured host at the East Coast Music Awards.

His book I Am an Islander was published in spring 2012, and is approaching Canadian bestseller status. His second book An Islander Strikes Back came out in spring 2015.

Patrick helped write and create two seasons of the Charlottetown Festival show Come All Ye, which received a “must-see” review from The Globe and Mail. He now writes and performs in the popular Island Summer Review, which has been running each summer since 2013.

Working on It: Focusing on Mental Wellness in your Work

In this one-hour presentation, you will experience shared laughter, hear recent research on workplace health and take away some practical approaches that can be integrated into personal wellness. Over the years Patrick has collaborated with a wide range of clients from within different organizations (over 300 and counting); he is able to draw from these experiences to cultivate a broad view on positive workplace practices.

In this session Patrick will specifically explore the following three key questions:

  1. Is mental wellness given the same consideration as physical wellness?
  2. How can work teams find meaningful ways of handling setbacks and stressful situations?
  3. What are some practical strategies we can personally adopt to handle information overload?

“Patrick’s presentation on Workplace Mental Health was very entertaining with lots of great messages. His use of humour mixed well with the topic and clearly demonstrated the need for humour in the workplace and life in general. I especially liked the concept of the tree and its roots which Patrick used to explain the importance of being grounded in our life and connecting to one another. These messages are so relevant in the world we live in today.”

Judy Hughes, President, Canadian Mental Health Association PEI Division