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Kevin Robart

Kevin Robart has more to offer than being one of Canada’s premier magicians and psychic entertainers; he also possesses extensive business experience that he happily shares during his speaking engagements. As an award winning speaker with Toastmasters International, Kevin has developed several presentations that can help your business strengthen your staff both professionally and personally.  Along with his unique set of talents, Kevin also brings more than 30 years of solid, professional experience to your next event.

Whether you are looking for one of Kevin’s standard, well-polished presentations such as Action, Take me to the Cashier, Wind up the Soldiers, Sticks and Stones (see full details in Show Descriptions panel) or a custom presentation tailored to your event, you can trust the quality that his many years of experience will deliver.


This 60 minute presentation challenges audiences to examine six powerful habits which can change both their personal and professional lives for the better. More than just someone standing up and talking, ACTION! is full of audience participation session that is loaded with energy.

This is not 60 minutes of chanting mantras…this is real work.

2. Take me to the Cashier

Are you in retail and need something to help your employees be better engaged with your customers? This presentation will develop buy-in from both management and staff and ultimately result in a better buying experience for your customers. This presentation’s bottom line will turn into a better bottom line for your business!

3. Wind up the Soldiers

Sales people can be compared to tin soldiers: every now and then you have to wind them up and point them in the right direction. Process and proven successful sales strategies need to be revisited and refreshed.

Senior sales people need to be reminded what brought them this far, and new sales people need to be shown the path. This program will have your team operating under instinct and not impulse when they are in the trenches.

4. Sticks & Stones

Working off childhood rhymes, Kevin has the audience focus the spotlight on the kind of language they use in the office and at home. If we want more effective relationships with our fellow employees, customers or loved ones, we must be vigilant with our vocabulary; watch dogs of our words.

This presentation is filled not only with ideas and reflection, but also effective strategies for audience members to incorporate immediately into their professional and personal life.