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Jason Cyrus


Spectacular ● Imaginative ● Hilarious ● Motivational ● Inspirational ● Entertaining

Hypnotist Cyrus has always been unique right from start and is loved for his big heart, quick wit, great sense of humor, family values and charismatic personality.  Cyrus is living his dream and his act is only getting bigger and better. Born with the natural gift to entertain, Cyrus is now offering the world what he was always meant to give them— “EVERYTHING I GOT.”

Jason Cyrus was born and raised in the small coal mining village of Minto, NB, Canada.  From a young age, Cyrus’ father, the late country music icon Joey Knight (who passed away in May 2011), always took him to see the magicians and hypnotists as they came into town.  As Cyrus watched the entertainers on stage, a fire ignited inside him as he realized that he could light up the stage in the same way.

Jason fostered his love for magic and hypnosis at a very young age and is now called “Canada’s Stage Hypnosis KING” by the country’s entertainment capital, Niagara Falls.  Cyrus now works as a full time entertainer and keynote speaker touring many of the major theatres in Canada and has quickly become one of the hottest tickets on the market.  Now called “Canada’s Stage Hypnosis KING” by the country’s entertainment capital, Niagara Falls, audiences are continuously blown away by his stellar performance and more and more people from near and far are packing theatres to see him year after year. His theatre work has opened the door for Cyrus to develop a great corporate show as the headline entertainment for major corporate and community fundraising events.

In 2016 Cyrus developed a unique keynote presentation that combines entertainment with a powerful and inspirational message.  In his aptly entitled presentation Achieve the Unthinkable he has been leaving corporate clients, high schools, universities and non-profit groups completely BLOWN AWAY. Cyrus’ presentation shows you how you can put the scientific principles to work in your business and personal life by using the power of hypnosis, imagination and visualization.  You will quickly find out why he is called the ACDC of speakers (“No one wants to go on after this guy” says Devin Harris of Investors Group) with his “Life Changing” message.

In addition to his stage shows and corporate work Jason also finds working one on one with clients very rewarding.  To that end Cyrus works providing clinical hypnotherapy at LAZER IZ ESSENTAIL Wellness Center in Moncton NB. As a certified Naturotherapist (Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists), unconscious coach and clinical hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotist), Jason is able to help his clients reach their true potential while enhancing and improving their lives.

In his down time (which is very limited these days), he still enjoys playing hockey and softball but his real dedication belongs to his family which includes his true love, soul mate and guardian angel Catherine and his beautiful daughter Chloe as well as his mother Carolyn, father Joey, sister Stacey, and his Nan (Vivian) who have always been a very important part of his life.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”.

Achieve The Unthinkable

2017 Keynote Logo - cyrus

Can one keynote really improve your performance? Absolutely! For the past decade, Jason Cyrus has been teaching audiences how to get and stay motivated using the power of imagination and visualization.

For over a decade now, Author, Unconscious Coach, Naturotherapist and ROCK STAR HYPNOTIST, Jason Cyrus has dominated and transformed the field of stage hypnosis with his unmatchable stage presence, unique style, positive attitude and charisma. Now in his wildly entertaining keynotes he is showing corporate audiences how to achieve the unthinkable – and how you can put the scientific principles he teaches to work in your own business and personal life.

Find out why corporate companies, major universities, and non-profit groups alike are calling his presentation “life-changing!”

Personally or professionally, we all set goals.  We all want to reach our goals to succeed in our lives.  Whether it is meeting a monthly quota, losing 20 pounds, quitting a nasty habit or furthering our training and education, we all want to improve.  We know the path, we know how to get there, we have the desire, we have the passion and we want to do it, so what is standing in the way of us reaching our goals?  No matter how strong our desire is to reach our goals, we are always met with challenges, distractions, complications and obstacles that get in our way and ultimately impede success.

In this entertaining and engaging keynote, Jason Cyrus shares personal experience and insight as he explains what’s holding most people back from accomplishing their dreams and offers scientifically proven ways to overcome them.  The truth is there is a way to reach our goals and accomplish our dreams.  Some people think that getting what we want or what makes us happy is reserved for highly talented and educated people, but this is simply untrue. Jason believes that what is unique about successful people and sets them apart from everyone else is their ability to practice visionary thinking.  Those who can imagine happiness, success and a better world are freer to shape their future, while those who cannot spark their imagination into action can only wonder what it would be like.

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

“Jason Cyrus… Words can’t describe how talented this artist truly is.  Jason gifted us with his presence during two separate banquets where he really tailored his keynote speech ‘achieve the unthinkable’ to the audience.  He did his research ahead of time to know exactly who was in the audience which made everyone in the crowd feel extra special and appreciated.  He made everyone feel at ease and won us all over with his enthusiasm, empowering words, knowledge, creativity and charming personality.  

 He takes his art seriously but knows how to have the BEST time with it!  It was MIND BLOWING for us all to see just how, with a snap of his fingers, people were ‘under his spell’.  He was upfront about not wanting to embarrass or disrespect participants and was true to his word.  Clean hilarious exciting fun!!  My face still hurts from laughing!!

 Cyrus was so easy to work with.  He was accommodating, respectful and very professional.  At the end of the day, he’s a good guy who finds joy in bringing a sense of wonder and empowerment to people all while allowing them to experience a truly unique and incredible experience.  He was by far the highlight of the evening and the AC/DC of speakers!

 Cliché, but I’m going to say it… Cyrus truly was hypnotizing!! “ 

Sylvie Boudreau, Event Coordinator, Department of Social Development, Region 3 - Fredericton

“We invited Cyrus to be the closing event for our Mental Health week here at the college. As perusal he ended our week with a BANG! His keynote speech spoke clearly to our students and facility about “Achieving the Unthinkable”, overcoming obstacles and obtaining your wants, needs and passions. I could not have asked for a better message to be sent to our students during this particular week, Jason never fails at giving others a positive message, making us laugh until our cheeks hurt, and offering a moment to open our minds to the unthinkable. His delivery is flawless, because of that you know you have just been part of something so special. I recommend Cyrus to anyone who ever asks, it is never a thought of will they gain something from his keynote but what will they gain. If you’re waiting for the right time to experience one of Jason’s events, let me be the first to tell you…YOUR TIME IS NOW!”

Cecilia Watkins, Student Success Advisor/ Oulton College

“At a recent sales conference I attended I was thrilled to see a long day surprisingly broken up with a guest keynote speaker, on the agenda the speaker was to talk to us about the power of the mind and visualization.

Wow, did he ever, Cyrus took the stage and proceeded to not just talk to me about the power of the mind, but show me!

I spent the next 90 minutes crying from laughter!

I was blown away that throughout the performance; waves of realization came over me of how relevant and powerful the message was to what I do in my business day to day. In the end I was left with a sore stomach and the idea that I can use my mind to accomplish so many more of my goals.

I am in control!”

Mark Toner/Account Executive Rock 88.9

“That time that Jason Cyrus (you know… the rockstar hypnotist) came to love on us, inspire us and make the people we love do some hilarious stuff!  SUCH an amazing night!!! If you haven’t spent any time with this remarkable man you probably should.  Oh my goodness Jason thank YOU!!! That was amazing… and I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to meet you and interact with you on a personal level. Having seen your show before I had no doubt in your gifts as a hypnotist but it was honestly incredible to hear you speak about goal setting and achievement!! That message was so timely for me! Having come from a very rough background I have a hard time with confidence and belief in my ability to accomplish more and feel that I’m deserving of it. Your message really resonated with me and I am so grateful for that! Can’t WAIT to see you again!!!!”

Maegan Witherall / Co - President of Linking Live Inc

“I am totally blown away by my experience at the Jason Cyrus event!! Jason did a special presentation for our Linking Lives group & apparently I was the star of the show Do not remember much but I feel AWESOME!! Back was killing me and I have no pain right now and feel more relaxed than I have in years!! Jason Cyrus you rock; can’t wait to do another project with you!  #AchieveTheUnthinkable #FeelingAwesome #MadeABelieverOuttaMe

Maria Johnston/Psychologist

“We asked Cyrus to perform at our Awards & Gala Dinner at our annual conference and our group has not been able to stop talking about him.  His hypnotist show was entertaining, amazing and hilarious.   He is a great comedic entertainer and awesome to work with.  If you are looking for entertainment or a keynote for your event, he is your guy”

Shannon McCool / Administrator - ATLANTIC SUBWAY® LTD

“Had the distinct pleasure of watching a truly great man come and work with our team of young ladies who strive to overcome fears and bond together. Jason Cyrus immediately made then comfortable and they were receptive and eager. The encouraging words and power of the young mind made an edge of your seat exclusive event for these girls!  Jason Cyrus was inspirational and absolutely empowering. As one girl said “this was the best ever when can we do it again!”

Lorraine Byron - Owner of Olympia All-star Cheerleading

“Jason astounded our students with his recent presentation “Achieve the Unthinkable “at Minto Memorial High School!  His ability to hypnotize, entertain, and engage the audience was very impressive.  Our students were thrilled with his performance and how interactive it was.  He left us wanting more and students stated it was the best assembly they had ever attended. The TIGERS of MMHS strongly suggest that you invite Jason to your school; you will not be disappointed.  His message of encouragement is exceptional and we will certainly invite him back again very soon.  Thanks Jason. You will always be a TURE tiger! “

Ronna Gauthier, Guidance Counsellor, Minto Memorial High School

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be part of a hypnosis show. I was at a work conference when Jason Cyrus was introduced and we were told his keynote speech would be about ‘Achieving the Unthinkable’.  He was there to teach us about utilizing the power of our minds and to help us tap into our hidden potential. I wish I could tell you about his speech, but as it turns out I was part of the entertainment that day and spent my time on stage hypnotized! As someone who never, ever, believed I could be susceptible to suggestion in that manner, I can tell you my experience was a wild ride and one that I will never forget. It was an experience of a lifetime and one that I highly recommend for everyone.  My coworkers tell me the show, and Jason’s motivational presence, were without a doubt the highlight of our conference.”

Deborah Rent, Marketing Consultant/Account Manager Newcap Radio