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James Mullinger

James Mullinger was one of the top stand ups in the UK as well as the Comedy Editor for GQ Magazine when he decided to make the permanent move to Atlantic Canada. Despite interviewing the likes of Tom Cruise, George Clooney and Cameron Diaz for his TV show, working with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Peters and dining with everyone from Tony Bennett to Samuel L Jackson, James was not happy because his work took him away from his family. In 2014 he left it all behind and moved to a small, beautiful town in New Brunswick for a better quality of life for his wife and two young children. As he will tell you, this is the best decision he ever made. Finding a new love for life, he and his family thrived in the friendly, happy community of New Brunswick. Then, oddly, his career took off in ways he never expected in his new home and his story will change how you look at work, life and love forever.

Arriving in Canada as a relative unknown, James built his business up from scratch performing tiny gigs in basements and vineyards to spread the word about what he does. Within two years he went from playing to ten people in a dive bar to selling out the Imperial Theatre twice and then attracting over 4,500 people to Saint John’s Harbour Station (beating Jerry Seinfeld’s attendance record in the process). He believes in his new community so much has already personally raised over $50,000 for local charities. Last year a big budget British feature film was made about James’ life starring actors from Downton Abbey, Twilight and Notting Hill.

James believes that thanks to his big life changing move that so many people said would end his career he has come to believe that with the right attitude Anything is Possible in New Brunswick and he will tell you why this applies to you too.

Keynote Address: Anything Is Possible

In this inspiring, hilarious and uplifting presentation from award-winning entrepreneur, businessman, writer, philanthropist and comedian James Mullinger he will have you jumping for joy, punching the air, finding a whole new love for where you live and will inspire you to improve your business, work ethic and look at life in a whole happier way. In 2014 James Mullinger left his homeland of London, England and moved to East Coast of Canada. Why you ask…well he’ll tell you. He seemingly had it all in England: his own TV show, best selling book, an editor for GQ magazine, sold out national stand up comedy tours. James wanted a better quality of life for his growing family so he packed up and moved to his wife’s hometown in New Brunswick.

Everyone told James he would have to leave his career behind if he moved to Atlantic Canada. But on the contrary, James discovered a whole new lease of life on the East Coast of Canada and improved his life immeasurably. He truly believes ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE here.

Seeing life-changing transition through James’ eyes will invigorate your spirit and how you view where you live and work inspiring you in life, love and help you make decisions that could improve your professional potential no matter where you find yourself living.